3 super practical nail Blooming tutorials!

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Smudge has always been a popular style, but many friends have a doubt: Why is the smudge of other people's homes always natural and clear, and the smudges made by myself are just not natural at all?

Today easywell invited 3 senior teachers to share their exclusive smudging cheats, hurry up and follow the tutorials!

Sketch of Style 1

The trick to blooming: watercolor adds a sense of fantasy

1.First make the primer with transparent white;

2.Randomly draw color blocks on the nail surface with pink and blue, and the edges are blurred;

3.Paste gold foil and cellophane for decoration;

4.Apply a layer of reinforcing glue, and lightly polish the nail surface to make the nail surface foggy;

5.Use dilute white gouache paint to roughly draw an N on the nail surface;

6.Paste the metal ornaments and seal the layer to complete.

Ps:Novices do blending. Because of insufficient proficiency, it is difficult to make a natural blending at one time. Therefore, you can borrow dilute gouache to add a layer of haziness. This blending model is very dreamy.

Sketch of Style 2

Blending tips: white nail polish deepens the blending level

1.Milky white primer, lighting;

2.The second layer of milky white does not illuminate the light. Use peach pink, lemon yellow, and light green to smear the excellent block, transition the edge, and illuminate the light.

3.Use peach pink again, lemon yellow light green and dark blocks, pay attention to the natural transition;

4.Brush the sealing layer without lighting, use milky white to draw lines on the nail surface at will, and then use white nail polish to draw along the lines once, lighting up;

5.You can draw some patterns you like, or you don’t need to draw them. This time I used white paint to paint the little daisies;

6.Fill the center of the flower with lemon yellow, dot the stamens with dark chocolate color, and illuminate the lamp;

7.Apply the entire armor to scrub the sealing layer, shine the light, wipe the floating glue, paste the English sticker, apply a layer of reinforced glue to shine the light, top the sealing layer, and shine the light.

Ps:Use white nail polish again to outline the transition edge of the color block, which can make the blending style more layered~

Sketch of Style 3

Blooming trick: first use a color to make the primer more natural

1.Milky white primer and dry;

2.Spread blue and green randomly on the nail surface, dot white on the blank area, and dot khaki on the blue and green as shown in the picture;

3.Use a universal pen to smudge between the color glues and illuminate the lights

4.Affix broken pieces of gold leaf;

5.Paste the shell piece after brushing the reinforcing glue, and illuminate the lamp;

6.Apply a thin layer of reinforcing glue, without lighting, put on the milky white and smudge it with a pen, let it dry, and dry the sealing layer.

Ps:First use one color as the base and then add other colors, which is better and more natural than before each color block~ You can try it!