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  • What products your company specialize in?

    We specialize in abrasives products and nail drill bits, nail drill machine for nail gel polish removing, nail prepare, and cuticle clean for more than 6 years. Not only nail tools, the nail art products are in our 2021 launching plan.
  • What is the difference between sander and traditional unloading water?

    The traditional unloading water unloading bag is called chemical unloading, and the sanding machine is called physical unloading. The smell of unloading water and unloading bag, as well as the chemical substances contained in it, will definitely affect the human body. For manicurists with poor immunity, these items that are frequently contacted daily are undoubtedly a time bomb, which is easy to produce. The symptoms of hand allergy, peeling, etc. are the same for the guests.

  • What are the precautions when cleaning the nail drill bit?

    The nail drill bit cleaning can be disinfected and cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner using a medical alcohol disinfectant. Do not use colored disinfectants (such as iodophors, etc.). Do not dispose of the ceramic drill bit in the UV disinfection machine. The ultraviolet light will damage the molecular structure of the ceramic raw material, causing molecular changes, resulting in discoloration of the ceramic drill bit.
  • How to maintain the Nail Drill Bits?

    Nail drill bit through careful maintenance, not only can play in the operation of the nail drill bit high efficiency, but also can extend the life of the nail drill bit itself. Do not remove the dust and dander from the drill bit for a long time will weaken it, when operating More laborious,it will make guests feel friction and uncomfortable, at the same time, it will also occur in the operation of such dangerous imagination as the drill bit being bounced off. So in the operation process, these drill bits need to be cleaned and maintained. Nylon brush or metal brush can be used to remove the dust or dander stuck on the drill bit, so that the drill bit can return to the original cutting force.

    However, brushes of different materials can play a greater role in different drill bits.

    Nylon wire brush: suitable for cleaning ceramic drill bit.

    Wire brush: suitable for cleaning carbide drill bit.

    In addition to the method of cleaning with a brush, the drill bit can also be cleaned by ultrasonic, alcohol soaking and other methods.

    Chemical disinfection and physical disinfection

    1. Chemical disinfection: Pour the disinfectant into stainless steel or glass container and soak the drill bit. The soaking time will vary according to the disinfectant composition.After soaking, wipe the water off thedrill bit and dry it.

    2. Physical disinfection: After drying, the drill bit is placed in a UV disinfection cabinet, making it more safe and hygienic.

    Attention: Ceramic drill bit should not be placed in the UV disinfection cabinet disinfection, because the UV will destroy the molecular structure of ceramic raw materials, will cause molecular changes, resulting in discoloration of the ceramic grinding head.

  • How to distinguish good quality nail drill bit?

    1. Distinguish from nail drill bits shank.

    Check whether the bottom of the drill bit shank has rounded corners and whether the bottom is smooth. If there are cutting marks, this shows that the work is very rough, and it will also damage the grinding machine handle (affecting the handle life).

    2. Measurement of concentricity and beat of nail drill bit.

    Place the drill bit on a stable table and gently roll it to see if the handles jump up and down. The high-quality nail drill bits shank part does not have any change, but the inferior drill bit can see the shank beating up and down greatly. When using it, the nail drill bit will obviously feel the beating (the nail drill bit beats big, the guests also It will feel uncomfortable and everything will be based on the comfort of the guests.).

    3. The rotation direction of the nail drill bit.

    Hold the handle of the nail drill bit in the right hand and rotate it gently. The left hand uses the thumb and index finger to feel the gear part of the nail drill bit. If you rotate forward and back and feel different, it means that this can only be polished in one direction, and it cannot be polished back and forth. If the two directions rotate smoothly, then this is a grinding head that can be polished back and forth.

    4. Difference in drill bit tooth profile.

    Take a flat, slightly flat gear (C-tooth), look at the top (from top to bottom) and see if the nail drill bit gears have the same spacing and whether the gear shape is a raised equilateral triangle if the tooth shape It is just a raised triangle with a U-shaped arc, which means that the drill bit is just an industrial drill bit and it is not suitable for nail art. If the industrialdrill bit is used for nail art, it may produce hot and stagnant phenomena. (Thousands of grinding heads on the market, quality choice is the key).

    5. How to choose the right nail drill bit.

    The drill bit used in industry can clearly see that the gears are one diamond-shaped structure, and the real drill bit for nails clearly sees a three-dimensional gear bulge, and the grooves are also clearly visible.

  • What are the advantages of your tungsten carbide drill bits?

    1. Carbide nail drill bits has a long service life.

    2. High hardness.

    3. Faster cutting force.

    4. More stable.

  • What are the advantages of your ceramic drill bits?

    1. About Density: High Density.

    High quality imported special ceramic materials can improve the service life of the drill bits. At the same time, it has better performance than the metal polishing drill bits, and the polished surface is smoother.

    2. About Heat dissipation.

    Ceramic heat dissipation is fast, not easy to get hot when polished.

    3. About clean:Easy to clean and disinfect.

    Ceramics have an antibacterial effect, it can inhibit bacteria and other microorganisms, it is not easy to breed bacteria, soaked clean water and alcohol disinfection can be directly.

    4. Resists acid and alkali.

    Ceramics are made of silicates, which are chemically stable. Therefore, our ceramic drill bits are resistant to corrosive substances such as acids and alkalis.

  • What are the advantages of your Sanding caps?

    1. We use first quality brown fused alumina for regular sanding cap.

    2. Based on PA,high temperature resistance.

    3. Enviromental Water-repellent adhesive.

    4. Various colors, beautiful and customizable.

    5. Made in Shanghai for inspection.

    6. Customized packaging.

    7. Timely reply, order arrangement, follow-up, after - sales,one-stop service.

    8. High temperature sterilization before delivery.

    9. It can be stored in a dry environment for 3 year's.

  • What are the advantages of your Sanding bands?

    1. Accurate Size(6.35mm*12.7mm&6.5mm*12.7mm.

    2. Sanding Surface is smooth. The glue is equally distributed. No extra glue spilled. No opening.

    3. The cut is smooth and has no burrs. It is easy to polish the edges of the nails and easy to handle.

    4. Two-component glue, firmly bonded.

    5. Non-toxic, eco-friendly, transparent glue.

    6. Optional grit from coarse to fine: 40#,60#,80#,100#,120#,150#,180#,240#,320#,400#

    7. High quality imported abrasive cloth material (White Zebra is anti-blocking and fast heat dissipating; silicon carbide is self-sharpening and wear-resistant).

    8. The abrasive material could be customized (MOQ 1000 meters).

    9. Provide OEM&ODM.

    10. 300,000pcs daily output assures a fast delivery.

    11. Free Samples. Support product return.

    12. Our workers have 15 years of production experience.We have a good control of the products quality.

    13. Provide free package designing and technical assistance.

    14. Defect Rate is lower than 1%.

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