How many times do you need to use magnet for cat-eye gel polish?

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How many times do you need to use magnet for cat-eye gel polish?

You must know cat-eye gel polish pretty well if you are a manicure person, and find it so beautiful on the nails, as the brightness of this gel is so unique, but do we have to use magnet for 1 time after applying them 1 time on nails?

The answer is you better use magnet once just after you apply a layer of them, then cure nails under the UV lamp. Because it has magnetic particles inside the gel, if you dont make the gel harden firstly (with a powerful magnet to suck on the nail surface) before using magnet for the next layer, the nails are already sucked on will be finished in a not good effect under the magnet force.

Also dont apply the cat-eye gel too thin or too thick, or else you wont get the magnetic result perfectly.

The correct steps to use magnet for cat-eye gel polish:

Make sure the magnet is 2-3mm away from the nail surface, hold the magnet for just 3 seconds then move it right away, and dont shake the your nails the result can be really great. If you are not really happy with the magnetic result, just applying the gel again and try another time!

Tips for cat-eye gel polish usage:

1.Youd better use removable bonding agent and removable scrubbing top coat also, if you dont use them, the bursting and hard remove will come easily.

2.You only have to apply them for 1 time, dont make it too thick or too thin.

3.Magnet dont really have to be professional-using type, you can also use daily magnet just like some on your refrigerator, the thickness of the magnetic line and force of each magnet is different, you can choose by your personal preference.

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