How to Safely Remove Gel Nail Polish Using a Nail Drill at Home

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How to Safely Remove Gel Nail Polish Using a Nail Drill at Home

We do feel annoyed by how easy a nail polish peeled. It’s embarrassing when you offer your hand with broken nail colors. No matter how expensive the nail polish is, it still peels easily. This situation has been solved until nail gel polish shows up. Nail gel polishes provide long-lasting nail colors. Also, the gel nail color on your nail will keep glossy until the day you remove it. The glossy won’t fade away like normal nail polish does. However, it’s difficult to remove gel nail polish. Many people can only do it in a salon and spend a lot on it. 

No worries, Easywell is here to tell you how to remove nail gel polishes safely and easily at home. A qualified nail drill is necessary for the removal. 

1. Choose a Tungsten Carbide  Nail Drill Bit 

The right hand side nail drill bit with a sharper pattern is good for faster removal. The left hand side nail drill bit with a smoother pattern is safer.Choose the sharper bit first and install it in Nail Drill Machine.

2. Use a Nail Drill to Remove Gel

Turn on Nail Drill Machine to  “04” speed (for beginner) to remove the surface of gel nail polishes and extension gels. Start the removal process in the middle of your nail untill the the thick part of the gel was removed and base coat layer exposed. Pay attention and be careful. 

3. Change a Tungsten Carbide Medium Nail Drill Bit

Change to the smoother bit to remove the rest of the gels safely. Gently remove the remaining polish in the corners and nail surface with the top of the drill bit. No worries, this type of bit won’t hurt your nail surface.

4. Remove Dead Skin


Change a cuticle bit to remove your cuticle dead skin. Make your nails look more clean and pretty. 

5. Clean Nails

There will be a lot of nail dusts on your nail, clean them with a nail dust brush. Finally, the natural and pretty hands show up. 

Tools for Removal:

1. Rechargeable Nail Drill 30,000RPM


2. Dust-A-Side Nail Drill Bits Kit (2pcs)

3. Tungsten Carbide Under Nail Cleaner Nail Drill Bit (1pc)

4. Nail Art Dust Remover Brush

14 (2)

5. Gel Nail Polish Removal Bundle