Makeup brush cleaning tips

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Makeup brush cleaning tips

Makeup brush cleaning tips

Many friends use all kinds of makeup brushes in the makeup process, but few people will clean the makeup brushes correctly. Over time, not only the painted makeup is not translucent, but even the bacteria will be brought to the skin of the face. Come on, think about it if it’s terrible~~ I’m going to share with you today the tips for cleaning makeup brushes, they are all dry stuff!

1:Animal hair cleaning method

The animal hair material is different from the fiber hair material. The hair quality is softer. It is mostly used for dry powder materials. The non-washable overtime will damage the hair quality. Generally, it can be cleaned once every 7-10 days. Water + detergent can be used for cleaning. , If you need to change the color, you can also use the loose powder scrubbing method, use the same dry powder loose powder to take away the excess powder of the brush, the steps are below

(1) Pour loose powder into the lid, and then use a brush to make a circular motion~

(2) Shake off the remaining loose powder after making a circle, it's ok~

note:The loose powder scrubbing method is suitable for emergency use. The brush color changes during daily makeup. The disadvantage is that the loose powder is wasted. Of course, local tyrants can ignore this~~

2: Cleaning method of fiber wool

There are many ways to clean fiber hair makeup brushes. Today I recommend the most commonly used and most common cleaning agent scrubbing method for everyone:

(1) Add a proper amount of warm water to the container. The amount of water is just enough to immerse all the bristles. Pour the scrubbing agent into the water to dissolve it.

(2) Immerse the bristles in the solution, soak for 3-5 minutes, and stir gently to fully dissolve the dust and cosmetics attached to the bristles. Paste brushes such as foundation brush and eyeliner brush can be directly dipped in the scrubbing agent and cleaned in circular motions on the scrub pad. (Try not to soak the brush rod and nozzle part, if wet, please wipe dry in time).

(3) Rinse thoroughly the detergent and cosmetic residues on the bristles with clean water. If necessary, repeat the second step.

(4) Use a dry towel or facial tissue to absorb the excess water on the bristles, and dry the nozzle and the brush shaft.

(5) Place the brush head down in a ventilated and dry place to dry. When the bristles are 80% dry, arrange the shape of the bristles and put on a protective net.

Note: The use of warm water is to protect the material of the bristles at the same time, let the cleaning agent and water fully merge, and wash away the cosmetic residue as much as possible, without damaging the material of the bristles. Special attention should be paid to the makeup brush after cleaning, the brush head should be hung upside down, and the protective cover should be put on after the bristles are 80% dry to avoid fringing of the bristles.

3: When cleaning cosmetic brushes made of animal hair or fiber hair, you must pay attention to

(1) Do not use Daiso cleaners, alcohol or alkaline cleaners to clean animal hair brushes. Alcohol and alkaline ingredients will dry out, brittle and harden the bristles.

(2) Do not use conditioner products to soften the bristles. Although the silicone ingredients can make the bristles smoother to the touch, it will change the structure of the natural hair scales and reduce the powder grip of the brush. We recommend using Bobbi Brown scrub or baby shampoo.

(3) Do not expose to direct sunlight or use a hair dryer to dry the bristles.

(4) Secretly tell you a coup that can be renewed without cleaning the makeup brush is to buy another set