Mini Cone Bit 4.0mm nail drill bit carbide drill bits for nails

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  • Model Number : Carbide Nail Drill Bit
  • Shank Diameter : 3/32"(2.35MM)
  • Standard tool handle length : 50mm
  • Size: 4.0mm*8mm*50mm*3/32" (2.35 mm)
  • Grit : C, M, F, XF
  • Head diameter:4.0mm
  • package : 50pcs/box
  • Mini Cone Bit 4.0mm
  • Easywell
  • Min. Order: 1000 Pieces
  • Min. Order: 1000 Pieces
  • Min. Order: 1000 Pieces
  • Tungsten steel
  • 10 colors available
  • Remove powder/nail polish/gel
  • 10000000 Piece/ per Month
Head diameter:
Shank Diameter:

Product Description

Mini Cone Bit 4.0mm小玉米Large Cone Bit 6.0mm大玉米

Different Grit for Different Use

The grinding strength and speed are determent by the flutes on the bit, dip and large flutes give you coarse grit, and smaller flutes commonly indicate a finer bit.

The finer grit bits are ideal for base coat removing, smooth out the top of artificial nails, or cuticle curves cleaning; the coarser grit bits are great for thinning down hard gels, removing gel topcoat, acrylics, dipping powder and extension nails.

Product Features
Carbide Nail Drill Bit
High Quality Tungsten Carbide
Shank Size:
Standard Dia. is 3/32"
Bit Shape:
Barrel, cone, needle, round, etc, for acrylic removing, nail cutting, cuticle cleaning, under nail cleaning, and smile line creating.
Bit Grits:
C, M, F, XF
Bit Coating:
No coating, gold, silver, blue nano, purple, TIN, rainbow, rose gold, diamond, black.
Package Type:
1 Bit in 1 plastic tube, 50 tubes in 1 box
Customized Information:
1. Logo printing
2. Private label
3. Case color
4. Nail bit color
5. Package type
6. Flute type
Wholesale Price and Product Catalog:
Feel free to send us inquiry to get more details

Make Doing Acrylic Filing Faster and Easier

1. Easywell carbide nail drill bits are made of top grade tungsten carbide raw material, which is 20 times stronger than steel. The HRA hardness is up to 94.  
2. High density and purity of the raw material, makes the bit more durable, long lasting and hard to wear out.

3. Sharper, less noise, and holding up well in the drilling process because of the high-accuracy (ONLY 0.01 mm vibration).

It is sharper which bit with no coating; for long last life, the diamond, Tin, new rainbow and new rose gold coating are

6.6MM直筒平头 (12)

Never Use the Wrong Grit

There is a size mark on the shank or the top of the bit, which indicates the grit.You can also choose a size marker or a particular color base to help you use the right one.

直筒光头 (2)

Barrel Bit Head Top

We do different top of the bit head, if you are a new user, the round smooth top or the top with a smooth edge is suitable for you, as they are safer; if you want to taper the cuticle area or the lateral sides of the nail, the top with cut edge should be your choice.

The standard Chamfer Barrel Bit has a 45 degree angle smooth cutting edge, but the angle degree can be customized for your requirement.

What’s more, for the Crystal Ornament Bits, there are hundreds of crystals with assorted colors for you to choose. You can also make the particular crystal color to be grit indication.


Never Use the Wrong Grit

There is a size mark on the shank or the top of the bit, which indicates the grit.You can also choose a size marker or a particular color base to help you use the right one.

Factory Introduction

1. Committed to the manufacture and export of high-quality fake nails and abrasive products. Professional one-stop supplier and wholesaler of nail art.

2. The main products: fake nails, uv gel nail polish, uv nail lights, nail brushes, fake nails, electric nail polishers, abrasive belts, cemented carbide drill bits, ceramic drill bits, etc. Thousands of products, more than 100 in the world Available in all countries.

3. Our market covers more than 100 countries including the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Poland.

4. An independent foreign trade department handles international business.

5. Complete and strict QC system, covering raw material procurement, production process, and product packaging. We have passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification.

6. One-stop service from production to delivery. At the same time, we have professional and rich OEM/ODM service experience to provide services to customers of different business types.

7. The monthly output of fake nails is 600,000 boxes, The monthly output of nail polish glue is 300,000; a large number of uv nail lamps are in stock; 20 sanding belt production lines, with a monthly output of 20 million; 2 sand cap assembly lines, with a monthly production capacity of 5 million pieces. The production capacity of nail drill bits is 700,000 per month.

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Q1. The first quarter. What product is your company good at?

A: We focus on false nails, uv gel nail polish (more than 10,000 colors), uv nail lights, electric nail machines, nail brushes, nail sanding belts, sanding caps, and a variety of nail drills, such as diamonds, ceramics, and hard High-quality alloys, corundum, etc. for more than 7 years.

Q2. What are your payment terms?

A: T/T in advance, Western Union, Trade Assurance and Paypal

Q3. How do you ship orders normally?

A: For large-quantity orders, the goods are shipped by sea. For small batch orders, DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TXT, EMS, ARAMES, etc.

Q4. How to get the price list?

A: Please send us by email, phone or fax, tell us the product name and your detailed information (name, email address, phone, etc.), and we will send it to you as soon as possible.

Q5. Can I use my own freight forwarder to transport the products for me?

Answer: Of course.

Q6. Can we print our own brand for the Product?

Answer: Of course. We are very happy to be your excellent OEM manufacturer in China to meet your OEM requirements.

Q7. Does the product have CE/ROHS certificate?

Answer: We can provide ISO9001, CE certification according to your requirements.

Q8. How to place an order?

A:1. Send your order to us by email or fax; 2. Confirm PI; 3. Arrange deposit; 4. Arrange production; 5. Arrange balance payment; 6. Arrange your goods.