Nail File 100 180 Grit Double Sided Black Set Nail Accessories Manicure Tools | Purple core black sand glue plate nail file Sanding nail rubbing strips Half moon nail tools

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  • Type: Nail Tools 
  • Place of Origin: Shanghai, China 
  • Model: Nail file 
  • Size: can be customized 
  • Gravel: 80-320 
  • Logo: solid color or custom logo 
  • Features: dust-free, washable
  • EW15-1
  • Easywell
  • Min. Order: 300 Pieces
  • Min. Order: 300 Pieces
  • Min. Order: 300 Pieces
  • Sandpaper+PS+sponge
  • 10000000 Piece/ per Month

Product Description
  • Sandpaper quality: high grade and normal available (please contact customer service if you need others)

  • This model is fine black sand / ordinary black sand glue plate nail rubbing strip

  • High-grade quality and ordinary quality are electrostatic sanding process, waterproof and wear-resistant not easy to drop sand

  • High-grade sandpaper file strip grit more thick and sharp wear-resistant

  • Ordinary sandpaper file with high cost performance, popular with consumers

One-Stop Service

For serving customers who are sellers from overseas e-commerce platforms (such as Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, etc.) and retailers offline, we provide one-stop service such as quick sample shipment, brand customization, quality assurance, product labeling, and direct shipment to the overseas warehouses that are designated by buyers and agreed by the suppliers.

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