The Full Guide To Nail Drill Bits | Material Explained

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The Full Guide To Nail Drill Bits | Material Explained

High-quality bits can do so much more than just shave off products from your nails. Having the right bit for the job will make your life so much easier and will save you some valuable time when working on a client. Nail drill Bits come in a variety of materials, shapes, sizes, and grits, with different uses and purposes for each kind.


In this section, we're going to explain different materials of nail drill bits. These four materials are the most common: Mandrel/Sanding band, Carbide bits, Ceramic bits, and Diamond bits.

Mandrel/Sanding band

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Professional Sanding Bands

The Mandrel bit is typically made of metal or rubber. You can slip the mandrel top into the sanding band and you good to go. Sanding bands cannot be disinfected. That is one of the reasons why sanding bands are one-use-only paper bits, so you have to change a sanding band after every client. The sending bands are commonly used for surface work, removing gels, and pedicures. They come in various grits: coarse, medium and fine.


Carbide Bits

Ball Shape Bit(Plain Cut)-2.7Large Barrel Rounded Top-CFlame Bit 6.00mm-CCone Bit 4.0mm-CLarge Cone Bit 6.00mm-CLarge Pink&White Bit-6.6mm-Cmini Brush (3) - 副本

nail drill bit set

The carbide bits are made of carbide metal (which is 20 times stronger than steel). The carbide bits are meant to be long-lasting. They have flute-like cuts on the carbide bit. These cuts enable the carbide bit to shave the enhancement product off and not scratching it like the diamond bits. The grid scale is determent by the flutes on the bit. Dip and large flutes give you coarse grit. Shallower flutes commonly indicate a finer bit. Carbide bits are a great tool for advanced users and are ideal for removing acrylics. They are not to be used on the natural nail. The carbide bits can be cleaned.

Ceramic bits

Ball Shape Bit MUnder Nail Cleaner MSmall Rounded Top MSmall Barrel Bit (5)Cone-Dia 6.0mm MFlame Mmini Brush (3) - 副本

Ceramic Nail Drill Bits Set 7pcs

The great thing about ceramic coated bits is that they don’t heat up in the same manner as other bits, due to the nature of the ceramic bit. They are also long-lasting. The ceramic bit also has flute-like cuts, which help the bit to shave off the product. You can find the ceramic bits in several grids such as medium coarse and fine course. Ceramic bits can also be cleaned and sterilized.

Diamond Bits

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Diamond Cuticle Nail Drill Bits Set 10Pcs

Diamond bits can be derived from both natural or synthetic means and are the hardest bits available. They are used to remove the built-up product by scratching it off, but they create more dust and friction compared to the previously mentioned bits, and therefore, more heat. They also won’t rust after being disinfected. Most of cuticle drill bits are made of diamond.