The Most Popular Green Nail Gel Polish Designs 2021

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The Most Popular Green Nail Gel Polish Designs 2021

Green nail gel polish color is the most popular gel nail polish color design on the market. This color is the color of natural, bringing freshness, coolness, and youth to the user. That's why many girls, especially young ones, fall in love with it.

The Meaning of Green in Life

Green nowadays is not just about color. It is also seen as a symbol of the ecosystem and used as a verb. For a long time, green has been a symbol of growth and rebirth, fertility.

The Meaning of Green in Love

If you are a lover of green, it shows that you are a person with an artistic soul and sensitive and delicate behavior. It is your strengths and weaknesses that make you emotional, not confident in yourself. You are a rather sensitive person, for your love is an essential thing in life. Therefore, blue also symbolizes a gentle, pure, sensitive, and vulnerable love. If you fall in love with someone who likes the color green, you are also a person with a straightforward, assertive, and practical personality. It will be the complement, compensate for the weakness or hesitation of the other half.

The General Meaning of the Color Green

  • Green is the universal color of nature

  • Green represents nature and ecology

  • Green is thought to represent tranquility.

Indeed, the color blue has a deep meaning in the life and love of everyone that exists on this planet. That explains why green is so loved by girls and chosen to decorate their nails.

Let's explore some beautiful green nail polish designs right here!

Most Popular Green Nail Gel Polish Designs

Simple plain green gel nail polish nail set

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Your hands will look more beautiful and prominent with plain green nail gel polish color. It is so simple but very luxurious and delicate nail polish for girls, highlights femininity and youth. If you don't know what type of nail gel polish to wear, this will be the best choice for you.

You can use either a glossy or a matte finish. Shiny polish will help your nails look more polished and luxurious. As for the matte finish, your nails will look like beautiful leaves, which bring youthfulness and vitality.

Especially green gel nail polish color also helps the skin of your hands look whiter. Significantly brightens skin tone. This color is quite "flattering" to the skin, so just plain paint is enough.

Draw flower patterns

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Try incorporating more floral motifs to create a gentle style for yourself. Paint your nails green in the foreground. Then add a few delicate small white and black flowers. This method can apply to all nails or only just a few nails.

You can also apply the opposite way, use white paint as the background and paint more flowers and green leaves. This nail design will help you become very gentle and feminine.

Use unique textures for Green gel nail polish color

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Instead of feminine floral prints, you can use more unique patterns such as polka dots, horizontal and vertical lines, geometric lines, etc. By using them that way, it will make you more youthful and unique. Bohemian motifs are also good suggestions for you.

You can try floral and leaf motifs. Use white paint as a base on a few fingers and paint the texture with green. Or, paint your nails green as the foreground. Then combine white, gold, glitter, or any shades you want to create beautiful and unique motifs.

Green nail polish alternating with other colors

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Instead of painting the entire nail a green color, you can try alternating different colors. That way, your nails will look unique and more youthful.

If you don't know how to alternate paint, the easiest way is to choose white or glitter. Just 1-2 different fingers on the hands are enough. Or you can use a variety of dark green tones alternating between the fingers. It is also very beautiful and impressive.

Attach stones, accessories on nails

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If you want the nail to be more shimmering, add some stones and charms to it. It is a striking green nail polish, very suitable for parties. Just a few pretty little stones and your hands are already more impressive. These stones also help your hands look whiter.

Alternatively, you can try other accessories like metal or mother-of-pearl. Although the highlight is not as high as the charm, these accessories also make your nails more sophisticated. Or use embossed flower motifs covered with powder to decorate nails is also very beautiful.

Here are some green nail polish designs that are popular with many people. Both gel polish or regular nail polish color can do these nail designs. You can choose according to your personality and preferences. Otherwise, go to the nail salon for nail beauty advice. Skillful nail technicians will turn your nails into beautiful works of art.