The most comprehensive way to use various functional glues in the world!

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The most comprehensive way to use various functional glues in the world!

1.Base Coat: (the first layer of nail art)

①Removable base coat: Removable base coat are now available on the market, and they need to be etched to make them firmer.

②Peelable base coat and armor training agent: It can be peeled and torn directly, without removal and polishing.

③Rubber base coat, non-scratching base coat: It can be applied directly without polishing the nail surface, and it will not damage the nails. It is suitable for people with thin nails. It is thicker than the removable base coat.

2. Top Coat (the last layer of nail art)


① No-wash top coat: It is the most common top coat, which can be used as aurora powder.

②Toughened top coat: brighter than ordinary top coat, scratch-resistant, and keep longer.

③Crystal-plated top coat: good anti-fouling effect, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, non-yellowing, it is the king of top coat.

④Hard top coat: sticking drill, strengthening, top coat, shaping, not easy to flow, viscosity, easy to operate.


Matte top coat: velvet matte texture.


①Russian leveling gel: It can automatically level and fill the nail surface fully to give you the C-Arc effect.

②Balance liquid, anti-lifting agent: remove oily stuff, strengthen adhesion, prevent falling off and messy lifting up.

③Transfer print gel: It has to be used with transfer paper to make various patterns.

④ Nail pieces adhesion agent: It can bond this nail and press on nail pieces, then the color wont be fading away, the last of adhesion is longer, and it needs to be cured by lamps.

⑤Photo-therapy extender: It can be used to extend the nail with the paper support. It has high hardness and can be used for construction to strengthen the nail surface.

⑥ Reinforcing gel: It can make the nail surface thicker, strengthened and harden to protect the surface. It can also be used for building nail surface and attaching small accessories.

⑦Blooming gel: Blooming can change naturally, and can be used for blush nails, amber nails and other blooming styles.

⑧Diamond glue: It can be used for applying diamonds, nail art accessories, water ripple designs, crocheting matched with magic mirror powder, you will own non-flowing, super firm and long lasting effect.

⑨Strong Viscosity gel: The gel is very thick, make things stick on surface firmly, the toughness will be very good after curing by the lamp, is best for fully diamond applying, big diamond applying, hemming and caulking.

Tips: Many gels and glues have their own magical effects. Everyone can use them proficiently if they are familiar with the various features of them and make nails art unique.