Top 8 Nail Drill Bits 2021 - Essential Bits Every Tech Needs

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Top 8 Nail Drill Bits 2021 - Essential Bits Every Tech Needs

Nails are a vital component of beauty and hygiene. They must be well-manicured or pedicured, cared for, and healthy to maintain a beautiful appearance. Nail care is often overlooked, leading to dryness, splitting, or other problems that make nail polish application difficult. Suitable and quality nail bits can help you do nail preparation process easier and faster. Nail bits can be clarified into 8 types and they will be explained below in detail.

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1.Ball Top Shape

6_9e2580b8-d954-4c48-9680-8c750a469240_480x480DD2362DDD5047 (2)

Diamond Cuticle Nail Drill Bits

The ball-shaped bit is used for hard skin & cleaning up the eponychium cuticle (the hard skin above the nail plate) or removing loose cuticle been lifted from the nail plate. 

2.Under the Nail Cleaning(UNC)/Needle Bit

3_77590ffb-84a4-42e1-8a73-184359b515f6_480x480Pear Shape Bit 1.8-XF

Tungsten Carbide Under Nail Cleaner Nail Drill Bit (1pc)

This nail bit (UNC bit) makes sure that you can not only clean under your nails but also for sidewalls with precision. This particular shape helps the bit to get in tight spaces. It is perfect for getting in under the nail and helps with cleaning up around cuticles as well. Some nail technicians also use this bit for making designer holes in the nails.

       Our brand new UNC bits made of tungsten carbide material ensures that this product will not rust or scratch. If you want to have a manicure that will last for weeks, this is the nail drill bit for you. It makes your dead skin grow much slower. This product has been designed with superior craftsmanship to protect your skin.

3.Cone/Flame Bit

1_2c4b2be2-97ea-4118-bf7f-e3e91b58fc5b_480x480Oval Tomado Bit 6.00mm-XC

Cone/flame bits have a long, slim, and tapered shape. You can use these cone (flame)-shaped bits for several purposes, such as preparing the cuticle area and sidewalls and cleaning under the nail. You also can use the bit on the top of the nail. It is a great shape for toenail surface work, but not the best shape for fingernails surface work.

4.Tungsten Carbide Coarse Tornado Nail Drill Bit (1pc)

Our brand new cone (flame) bit is best for reducing down products such as acrylic or hard gels. Superior tungsten carbide provides beginners and techs most lasting perfect polishing experience on nails. The geometry of the bit makes it perfect for both right and left handed techs.

Flame Bit 6.00mm-M

5.Safety Bits

1_2c8953f9-a5b8-48b3-9f53-11be959417b5_480x4800A3A12883 Way 6.60mm

Tungsten Carbide Medium Barrel Nail Drill Bit (1pc)

These are designed for safe cuticle work. They are rounded at the top and come in a great variety of shapes. With these bits, you can easily reach the cuticle and sidewalls without damaging the nail. They are great for in-fill cuticle work.

If you don't want to strip your nails off with a nail polish remover, you may need this more straightforward, non-acetone solution. Our new tungsten carbide safety bit also helps remove the normal nail polish from your nails rather than just gel polish. The pattern and material provide less friction.

6. 5-in-1 Bits

7_e8ad3bc2-6957-4e38-a48e-ec24433db7d2_480x4805.2mm 5 in 1-C

Tungsten Carbide 5-in-1 Straight Coarse Nail Drill Bit (1pc) 

Tired of looking for the one tool that does it all? Well, ladies, hold on to your seats because we've come up with a drilling dream team. Within this single product, you will find five different uses: removing the base coat, removing nail polishes and gel polishes, Acrylic nails effortlessly.

Our tungsten carbide 5-in1 bit makes removing easier and faster. It's perfect for both left and right-handed folks too.

7. Tungsten Carbide Barrel Nail Drill Bit (1pc)

6_480x480_1_fc36696b-6c36-494c-a123-3eff78b631b0_480x4804-Week Inverted Backfill Bit-M

This is also a barrel drill bit. It's half the size of a barrel drill bit (Tapered Barrel Bit), making it perfect for French manicure or any other c-curves shaping.

Our barrel drill design allows you to cut straight through joints in both left-handed and right-handed nailing situations, as well as trench out four weeks' worth of growth at once on either hand.

8.Mandrel Bits with Sanding bands



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