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3 super practical nail Blooming tutorials!

Smudge has always been a popular style, but many friends have a doubt: Why is the smudge of other people's homes always natural and clear, and the smudges made by myself are just not natural at all?

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2021 Christmas Nail Collection 100+

Into December,The countdown to Christmas has begun~Today easywell prepared a wealth of Christmas nail art materials for everyone!

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Chanel style manicure- the Sense of luxury will never be out of date!

The unique Twill style makes Chanel type the hardest one to beat in the market. It shapes the clean and elegant lines and with the comparision between various colors, makes you more girly and gorgerous. Each year you will feel updated and stunned from the fashion stages, all the trends come from classic black and white to unique colors, also the Surrealist deconstructed silhouette. Today we are sorting out some trendy nail styles for everyone. If you like, you can totally try it on your own!

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40+ interesting nail art

Recently, many customers have asked us if we have any fun fake nails and nail gel polishes. Therefore, today easywell specially collected about 20 interesting nail styles for everyone's entertainment.

Precious and advanced! Amber nails make you so stunning!

Amber and brown are always the first choices in autumn and winter seasons, amber is a kind of orange-brown tones, but it has dark and light tone itself, the darker looks more like red color, and the light looks more like honey, it is a really great color with various change and strong sense of hierarchy to use for nail art.

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