What is phototherapy gel?

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What is phototherapy gel?

Phototherapy glue is also called "gel", its main component is acrylic resin oligomer. In fact, everyone is no stranger to this thing, which is the material we use to make teeth.

How to judge the quality of gel nail polish? Is the product quality of all nail shops really good? The quality of gel nail polishes on the market varies. When we are doing nail art, as long as the manicurist’s skills are good, no matter what glue is used, it can produce roughly the same effect, but then the effect of the glue on the nails will gradually manifest. Today teach you how to distinguish.

1. No irritating smell (similar to the smell of nail polish, this type of glue usually contains a lot of volatile solvents and chemical substances. The volatilized gas during operation is inhaled by the nose, which will have a certain impact on the respiratory tract.)

2. It's not that the color saturation is high, it must be a good nail polish gel (With the growth of technology, the market will start to use "a touch of color" as a gimmick for phototherapy gel. "A touch of color" is just for the convenience of manicurists. It cannot be used as a criterion for judging the quality of nail polish. Although many brands of nail polish on the market have high saturation, it is not difficult to find that the taste is quite exciting)

3. Whether there will be pigmentation on the surface of the nails (pigmentation can cause the nails to turn yellow, which may be caused by the improper application of nail polish, or the pigment contains some acidic substance, which has a corrosive effect on the nails)

4. No fluorescent agent (fluorescent agent is known to have carcinogenic hazards, also known as fluorescent whitening agent, is a kind of fluorescent dye, is a complex organic compound, its characteristic is to absorb incident light to produce fluorescence, so that the dyed substance To obtain a sparkling effect similar to fluorite. In order to increase the brightness of the color, some unscrupulous merchants will add fluorescent agents and other products. If the nails are found to have abnormal color when lighting the lamp, they have added fluorescent agents. Fluorescent agents are not like ordinary ones. The chemical components are easily decomposed, but they accumulate in the human body and produce many harmful effects, which greatly reduce the human immunity. During the manicure operation, if there is a wound, the fluorescent agent will bind with the protein outside the wound, which will hinder the healing of the wound. )

5. We want to tell our customers-some inferior nail polishes can cause local skin itching or allergies. So everyone should pay attention to health and safety issues during nail art. Easywell always puts product quality first!

6.We want to say to the manicurist-nail art is our job, and the use of good quality glue is the responsibility and obligation of a "integrity management" nail salon. In addition to being responsible for the guests, we are also responsible for ourselves. The manicurist works at least 8 hours a day If you unfortunately have to spend 8 hours with these "bad" glues, there is actually a great threat to your health. Remember not to lose your health just to make money. Novice manicurists can also observe the products used in the shop and choose their working environment carefully when applying for employment.