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  • Type : nail drill bit
  • Place of Origin : Shanghai, China
  • Shank Diameter : 3/32"(2.35mm); 1/8"(3.175MM);
  • package : 1Pce / Tube, 50 Pcs / Box
  • we are factory : provide better price
  • our workers : with 6 year's experience
  • Easywell
  • Min. Order: 100 Pieces
  • Min. Order: 100 Pieces
  • Min. Order: 100 Pieces
  • See details page
  • nylon, steel, floral wool, black bristle, white wool and horse hair and so on.
  • White;Pink;Blue;Yellow;Purple;Black;
  • Nail Art Beauty
  • Drill Bit Cleaning
  • Acceptable OEM Logo Print
  • 10000000 Piece/ per Month
Shank Diameter:


Product Description


One-stop service

For serving customers who are sellers from overseas e-commerce platforms (such as Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, etc.) and retailers offline, we provide one-stop service such as quick sample shipment, brand customization, quality assurance, product labeling, and direct shipment to the overseas warehouses that are designated by buyers and agreed by the suppliers.

Feel free to send us inquiry for more details.  jane@easywellbeauty.com

Product Features
nail drill bit
nylon, steel, floral wool, black bristle, white wool and horse hair and so on.  
Shank Size:
Standard Dia. is 3/32"(2.35mm)or 1/8"(3.175MM)
Drill Bit Cleaning
Package Type:
1Pce / Tube, 50 Pcs / Box
Customized Information:
1. Logo printing
2. Private label
3. Case color
4. Package type
5. Flute type
Wholesale Price and Product Catalog:
Feel free to send us inquiry to get more details

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Product Description

Easywell Brushes are made of nylon, steel, floral wool, black bristle, white wool and horse hair and so on.

Easywell brush use to remove dust from drill bits quickly and efficiently. Mini brush can also be used to clean your hands.

Features of Easywwell Brush

· Many different material for you reference. eg:nylon, steel, floral wool, black bristle.

· Fast and more efficient removing dust

· 3/32’’or 1/8’’ shank diameter can fit on your nail drill

· High concentricity

· Excellent cleaning ability

· No clogging

Proper Care

Follow these steps to clean and sanitize your brush:

· Step #1
       Clean your brushes to remove dust from the surface by alcohol and warm water.

· Step #2

Dry your brushes completely and store away. 

· Step #3

Please don’t use metal brush to clean your ceramic bit.