Why is that your top coat isn’t bright as many others?

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Top coat is the base of nail art, but the top coat I made have a dark feeling, but the top coat made by others are shiny and pretty. So what is the reason?

1.Technical Problems

①. The gel polish under the top coat is not fully cured. If the top coat is applied immediately, the top coat may not be bright!

.If the lighting time of the top coat is not enough or too long, the brightness will be affected. Please make sure the lighting time before use.

 You didn’t pick the right monomer, it is recommended to wipe it with the matching monomer, which is safer!

.The way and technique of scrubbing top coat is not standardized, do not wipe immediately after illuminating the lamps, it is best to wait for 10 seconds before cleaning!

2.Product Level Issues

.Variation or poor quality of the top coat itself

.Different brands of nail gel polish and top coat will affect the effect

.The power of the photo-therapy lamp is low, and the lamp tube or lamp bead is aging

3.The top coat is not bright, you can save it doing like this.

.Polishing and removing dull top coat

.Clean the nail surface and re-apply top coat(PS: do not apply too much)

.Illuminate lamps for the specified time, wait a few seconds, and then scrub it clean.